Activision Blizzard case pursued for document destruction the group is explained

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It’s not me, it’s bobby!

Following the charges (and the testimonials) directly aimed at Activision Blizzard and its corporate culture, the human resources would have rolled up the sleeves to take care of the most urgent: to collect the speech of the employees concerned destroy the documents which concern the resigning profiles.

The Siteeaxios reveals today that the group is in addition to the grievances already exposed last month prosecuted for inability to preserve the history of employees and resigning two years after their departure, as required, however, the Californian Labor Code.

The Court’s documents, unveiled by the Twitter @Charliintal account show that documents useful to the investigation have been destroyed by those who should expressly preserve them:

The Fair Employment and Housing Department of California (DEFH) has been informed that documents and archives, including the case, not been preserved, and have been shredded by Human Resources staff. E-mails were removed 30 days after the start of each employee.

Top secret

The twists do not stop in such good path: Activision Blizzard also refused to communicate certain documents (always accessible, those) to justice because of their confidentiality, particularly with regard to the field of the Salary inequality between men and women in the company.

A few hours later, the communicators gave up an explanation addressed to our confreres of Engadget, of which here are some excerpts:

Throughout our commitment with the DFEH, we responded to all the appropriate requests, although we have implemented reforms to ensure that our workplaces are welcoming and safe for each employee.

These changes are continuing today and concern:

  • several changes in high-level staff;
  • reworked hiring and recruitment practices requiring diversified interview panels;
  • greater transparency on pay equity;
  • Expanded and enhanced training and survey capabilities for human resources personnel;
  • the creation of investigation teams outside the company to ensure greater independence;
  • restructured divisions for more responsibility;
  • improved review processes to include employee managers’ assessment;
  • Clear boundaries on work behavior with zero tolerance to harassment.

With regard to the assertions that we have destroyed information by shredding documents, these statements are not true. We have taken appropriate measures to preserve the information relevant to the DFEH investigation.

We have provided the DFEH clear evidence that we do not make loss of compensation or gender promotion. Our management is increasingly diverse, a growing number of women in key leadership positions across the business.

Here is voila. To be continued in the next episode ?