Far Cry 6 History is presented in a new official trailer and promises to be charged with politics

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Ubisoft does not stop with the promotion of its next launch. Far Cry 6 will arrive on October 7, 2021 to Xbox, PlayStation systems and different PC platforms. A premiere date approaching between the revelation of new content and that in the case of the Gamescom has been accompanied by a new trailer in which it has deepened in the history of fighting the Villain Dictator Anton Castillo. ## The most political history of Far Cry The development of Far Cry 6 has even timidly recognized Ubisoft that there is some politics in their games, and this time it seems that they wanted to bend the bet. A conflict against the dictatorial repression that promises to put us in complicated situations and with which the developer will face the despot and paternalistic power of the Yara leader, a fictitious tropical island that presents obvious metaphors.