Half life Alyx lacked vehicles because the team in VR was not ready yet

The process of creating vehicles in VR was not there yet.

Endworthiness time: Alyx was a new kind of people who experience halbe life saga. While some were not particularly happy about it that the game is exclusive to VR, there was a new context of the classic series. But there were also some things. The melee, especially the crowbar, was interrupted due to problems with the door frames. Serious. There were also missing vehicles, of which it gave several enfebewwertzeit 2 and its episodic sequels, but the reason for this is a bit more complicated.

In conversation with VG247 designer Robin Walker explained why the team has decided not to make vehicles a thing alyx. He was clear that it was not because the team believed that vehicles could not work in VR, but rather that the team was not ready for it. They had not yet designed the language in a VR landscape and pointed out to the very long process for which this aspect is correct debreichwertzeit 2.

It was not so because we do not believe you work in VR or so, Walker said. We did not come to the point where we spent a lot of time to think about vehicles.

Probably I would say that a reason that has never been seriously seriously responded to things we’ve looked at everything we saw, we said that the players wanted poetic worlds. They would move slowly through space, explore more precisely, and our answer was to add more details to the world. We put that before gaming tees, and they would pay more attention.

I remember again ease half-life 2_ We had trouble bringing the impact of players in vehicles on the density. If you remember the coastal area of ​​Half-Life 2 with the buggy, we mainly had to set a visual language with players for the place where you get out of your buggy and explore the environment.

Hopefully it will be something that will expand in the future. Having in VR could make a lot of fun, I imagine. Deworthwertszeit: Alyx is now available for the PC, and you can read our full review here.

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