How to use the photo mode in Jedi Fallen Order

Get ready for cheese because star wars: Jedi Fallen Order gets a photo mode on December 11th. The feature comes with a new patch on all platforms.

If you want to use the new feature, press both joysticks from your controller when the update starts.

The game will stop and a menu will appear on the right side of your screen. In this menu, you can set the specific settings to enter the image you want. These options include inclination, distance, camera height and much more. You can change these settings accordingly to frame the desired photo. When you are ready, press X on Xbox One and Square on PS4 to define a projector to highlight a particular part of the image. If you want to hide the user interface, simply press Y on Xbox One and Triangle on PS4, you can also adjust them in the menu, as well as hide any on-screen IA and apply the filters and the filters. aberrations.

Once you frame and set the image, press A for Xbox One and X for PS4 to take your picture. The photo automatically saves your game.

Ben Walke of EA presented the new feature in a video published on Twitter.

The new feature has been detailed in a video published by Ben Walke of EA on Twitter.


The photo mode arrives #JedifalLenOrder this week, here is a brief video overview. pic.twitter.com/hezd7786v7

  • Ben Walke (@benwalke) December 10, 2019