Path Of Exile

Soon an Alpha Test for the TPS Synced OFF

Asia escaped a virtual path to Cologne as part of the opening ceremony of Gamescom. And if the most important trailer probably returns to Korean Dokev, China also responds with Synced: Off-Planet, a sci-fi grt announced last year.

Developed by Next Studios, a subsidiary of Tencent, this developing GST on PC will only come out of 2022 but invites the curious to testify on the official website to take part in the Alpha test that will begin on September 3rd. In a world ravaged by technology, players will be able to take control of their vanquished enemies, mechanical creatures called Nanos, and return their firepower to their advantage.

This system goes to the service of three squad parties mixing itinerant hordes and enemy teams. Between the battles, it is a question of developing Haven, the basis of operations, where we will also take the time to improve its weapons, equipment and skills. To discover more in depth the features of the game, a presentation will be broadcast on YouTube tonight at 19:45.

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Synced: Off-Planet – Trailer of the story