Stray Blade Action RPG from Berlin with bright colors announced

The Berlin developer Point Blank Games has announced the colorful action role-playing game Stray Blade, which is supposed to offer intensive fights and a lot of exploration. Publisher 505 games will publish the game in 2022 for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X / S and the PC (Steam, Epic Games Store).

In this title, the player explores the ancient Valley Acrea – as a renegade adventurer with his companion, the Xhinnon Wolf Boji. To make peace in the country again, the history of the forgotten valley must be revealed. In addition, you master the powers of the three acreanic metals during the game.

_ Job in this action roleplay in challenging fighting your skills on the sample, while you explore the ancient ruins of enigmatic civilization. In legends you tell of Acra, the lost valley, a wild and overgrowed place, on the big power dashes , You have found this forgotten country – and have died. After a while, you were awakened to life as by a miracle, but that has its price: You are now tied to this country.

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With your faithful companion Boji by your side, you will now make up to recover the balance in this crowded and war-shattered country and recover your freedom. You explore forgushed cities and the tremendous throne halls of powerful God king. The deeper you invaded your secrets, the more fatally the opponents who sit down in their way. (…) Use your insights to destroy the relics of the past and restore peace.

Every victory leaves a trace in the world and so the change becomes the eternal companion on your journey. Even if you die, the time will not stop. Return to the sites of your victories and see what changes you have caused. But be on the hat! The challenges will also grow with your deeds.

Thanks to the extremely flexible combat system, you can control the combat events with flash-like reactions and precise attacks. Request enemy attacks is as important here as lightning-like reactions in the blades of blades – here with melee weapons unfolds the tension of a classic showdown.


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_Der or the adventurers: In and Boji each have their own talent tree.
As a warrior: In wins the or the adventurers: in through fighting to experience, while Boji as Tüffler increases his experience by collecting knowledge about history. (…) Any discovery brings treasures. Find rare materials, recipes, weapons, traditions from the past and breathtaking places.