Tome of Heroes agrega 50 subclases a Dungeons Dragons

Kobold Press, likewise referred to as Open Style, is an American video game firm that produces parlor games as well as game supplements.

KOBOLD PRESS publishes a new regulation for Calaboons and dragons, which adds more than 50 new subclasses and 10 new races. Earlier this month, Kobold Press released the Kickstarter for Héroes, a new D & D query book focused on the options of the characters. With ten new career options and more than 50 new subclasses, the new hardcover contains both the KOBOLD Press subclasses printed for the first time in a hardcover as the new subclasses designed only for the book. Some of the player options included in Tomo of heroes includes completely new, medium-sized rivers and feline roads, the spy rogue of the soul, a dragon path for the barbarians, new domains of clerics and new arms options and Magic for players.

KOBOLD PRESS is one of the largest editors of Calaboons and dragons third-party content. The company was founded in 2006 and designed the Tystrandanía de Dragones Adventures Setroy of the Queen Dragon and Thiamat ascent for Wizards of the Coast. The company publishes a combination of monthly products (such as your brujo zine, available through your patre) and large hardcover books that collect so much material previously and all new adventures and designs for players. This is the second Kobold Press Kickstarter this year, after the successful launch of Bóveda magic, a hardcover containing hundreds of new magic objects.

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Tomo de heroes includes the work of some of the best D & D designers, including Gabe Hicks, Dan Dillon, Celeste Conowitch, James Haeck, Jeff Lee, Sarah Masden, Shawn Merwin, Ben McFarland, Kelly Pawlik, Brian Suskind, Mike Welham and Wolfgang Baur.

The Kickstarter for heroes_ has already exceeded $ 50,000 goal with more than $ 231,000 in promises from the closing of this edition. Sponsors will receive a PDF copy of heroes_ promising at least $ 29, and will receive a hardcover version if they are committed to a minimum of $ 49. Alternative covers and premium editions are also available for the book.

You can check the complete kickstarter for _Thome of heroes here. The Kickstarter ends in just 10 days on September 8.