Valves Gabe Newell believes we are closer to the matrix as anyone notes

All right then.

While there is an exciting time with the dehaltenzeit franchise finally returns in the form of back enfebewwersezeit: Alyx There is also a whole series of people who are not too happy about how they return. Alyx will be a pure VR experience, without announced plans to come to a non-VR manner. Those who have not yet risen in this train (or just not a fan of technology), therefore had an acidic taste. But if you hear what the captain thinks behind Valve about virtual reality, the step somehow makes sense.

In a video interview with Gabe Newell with IGN that you can see below, he describes the great vision that he sees for the developing virtual reality technology. He compares it with The Matrix, a film about people who are caught in a simulated reality. He believes that VR brings us closer to this type of world when people believe. Although he is not literally in the sense that we will all be trapped in fully simulated worlds soon, he believes that those who do not consider, as this is shaping our experiences and later life. He goes so far to say that it is even for those who are not dealing with technique.

We are much closer to it The Matrix as people recognize, says Newell. It will not be The matrix. The Matrix is a movie and it lacks all the interesting, technical subtleties and how weird the world of computer interfaces will be after the brain. But it will have a big impact on the kind of experiences that we can create for people.

The feeling was previously expressed, in particular with regard to ease of land: Alyx_ and also makes the conversion to VR-only for the project more meaningful. It is obviously a pretty intoxicating thinking process, but who knows where the technology will lead us. VR does not boom straight, but the technology just reaches a point where it will be easily accessible to a broader audience. We just have to see what the future brings.

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