Half Life Alyx can only with VR

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The company has destroyed the hope for a non-VR version of the game.

The debewertzeit The series will return to the beginning of next year after a long break. Bowworthy time: Alyx was officially announced yesterday. For some fans, however, the return was unbearable as it became clear that the game was intended for VR and VR only and there was no option without playing. This disappointed many who either do not care for VR or have no finances to get headsets for proper operation of the game. If you press the thumb to get a piece down the road, you may want to be disappointed.

In a documentary name called The Final Hours of _Endworthy period: Alyx, _ Geoff Keighby talked to some of the most important developers of the game. They revealed that the game is only a high degree VR because it is largely based on the functioning of VR controls and includes actions that are not possible with a standard mouse and keypad device, let alone with a controller. The project began explicitly to investigate what can be done in VR, so its controls are bound to this functionality. You can see the full documentary below.

It started exploring the VR, and the more we used the [VR] controllers and the headset, the more interactions and possibilities were for us. The more we explored them, the more we realized that there were so many possibilities that we can not really translate to the keyboard.

Regardless of whether it is really impossible or not, Valve does not look at at least not as a simple task to create a non-VR version. That may be for some a hard pill, especially since the game seems to be a full length title, but the game should appear for the time being in March 2020 and will be exclusively VR.

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