Nobody is perfect. And you could learn that hard with _The outside worlds. For each advantage you get in the game, there are also defects.

Defects show the imperfection of your character. They constitute a negative attribute to which you can not free yourself within the game and have specific effects that are played in combat. Once you have offered one, if you accept it, you are trapped. But living with a fault also gives you a PERK point. So he has his advantages.

So far, a handful of defects have already been revealed. Others will be coming when leaving the full game on October 25th. But now examine some of the faults you will encounter in the game, as well as their effects. who come with them.

Exterior worlds – Fault Guide

The first place is cynophobia . It is a fault that has just been attacked by Canids. This can leave an effect on you with the tremor. Whenever you fight someone, when he attacks, you get nervousness. This can affect your perception of two points, as well as your temperament of a point. It is therefore useful to stay firm when someone tries to attack you.

Herpétophobia, that is next, is a little more specific. He has just been attacked by mantipillars or mantissaur. Once you encounter one of them and you accept his fault, he ends up allocating you every time you face a member of the Manti family. This includes all creatures related to those above. So, when they appear, you can expect a lack of dexterity, perception and temperament, which are all struck by a negative point each. You risk losing a bit of your head to fight these things, so be careful.

Speaking of nervousness, paranoid delivers this effect to the shovel. This happens when you end up doing too many times by guards in restricted areas. Once accepted, this fault makes you nervous when you are near the guards. The effect is doubled when you find yourself in restricted areas, which adds a little nervousness to the procedure. You lose personality attributes from a point when this happens.

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So you have weak plasma . It’s just something that can be linked to the human condition. When you finish too often by undergoing burns (this corresponds to weapons like the flame launcher), you become more likely to the damage caused by the plasma. As a result, you undergo 25% additional plasma damage compared to what it normally suffers.

Rapidons can be a dirty deal in a game as _The outer worlds. With that, Raptiphoby can enter into play. Once you have inflicted enough damage, you make the fault and you have less effect on the attacks thereof. Even worse, the effect is pretty much the same when your companions meet them too. This hurts your will, your stamina and your temperament of a point every time this happens.

And finally – at least for the moment, while other defects will be introduced into the game – Robophobia . In case you can not know it, it’s basically a fear of robots. Meet them too often and take damage, and you will find yourself with the Willies. It’s through all kinds of mechanical parts. Whenever they attack or attack your party, you are not as effective as you should be, according to the match. As a result, your dexterity, your perception and your temperament suffer.

You will want to study each defect whenever you can and see what it does against you. And remember that there is no penalty if you refuse a flaw, but you do not get any Point Point either. Balance can sometimes justify the means. Good luck!

_The outside worlds out on October 25 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC. It will happen on Nintendo Switch by 2020.