Gesta offline hold protruding social distance 4 steps

The Gusta Organizing Committee, hosting Jisa, said it will hold the GSTar in the center this year this year. For this purpose, it is a policy that maximizes the rule of the defense. The Organization has announced its offline plan in June, and it is to refer to this time.

The perpendicular part of the organizer is the process of defining this time. Without considering the opening time, keep the execution of the protrusions in accordance with the fourth steps of social distance.

This year, Jessa is held for 5 days from Busan to Becusco on November 17th to 21. On the other hand, the organizer accommodates one participant per 6 square meters, and controls the number of internal stays according to the criteria. In addition, we apply PCR inspection or vaccination or confirmation of PCR inspection within 3 days based on the start date of the event in the start of the bus.

Step, in the case of the Beckco’s first exhibition, which is the B2C exhibition, the B2C exhibition, which is the B2C exhibition, controls the entire Becko Outdoor Square, and proceeds to the Ticket Check, Execution Check, Electron Access Name (or reluctant) at the 3-sided doorway.

After the first exhibition, after entering the execution check, it will once again execute the heat check and personal disinfection, and finally tagged the barcode in the exhibition market, and entered the internal residence personnel management.

Subsequently, an electronic access name is introduced into all participating booths, and plans to respond to a sudden situation that may occur during exhibition period, such as confirmation.

Meanwhile, GaSta Participation Application will be held through the Gima official website from September 24th. If the booth that can be applied before the deadline, the reception is closed, and the result is released at the end of September.