Signed agreement with Korea China E Sports Competition Asia E Sports Federation

The Organizing Committee of the Korea – China E-Sports Competition has been announced that the Asia-E-Sports Federation (AESF) and the Convention on Technology have been concluded a technology sponsoring agreement.

In August, the Convention on August, in the Convention on the Essentials of Yugul, Yu-jae, including eight organizational committee members, including eight organizational committee members, and employees participated in the Secretary-General of the Organizer.

The Convention aims to standardize the Ispotz National Forces Manual by receiving the official technology of AESF with the official technology of AESF.

The main conventions are based on the Main Conference Manual and the Development of the Korea – China Date Competition, the Asian regional expansion of the Asian region of the Korea-China Multi-Date Competition, the Asia region of the Korea-China Meeting Competition, and the Role of AESF’s official technology sponsoring machine, .

Both agencies expect that the Korea-China-China contest will be raised as an international convention, and it is expected to be an instrument that is further approaching the E-Sports Competition standards. In addition, the Korea-China Date Competition will be more influential in the Buman Asia.

This Convention, The Convention, said, This Convention is a great deal of time, the Convention, said the Convention, said, The Convention is a great deal of the standards and structures as an international e-sports competition. I hope that this conference will grow rapidly as a Competition of Buman Asia through the robust partnership of two institutions.

The Secretary-General Sebastian Lau AESF said, The Korea-China Date ISPOTS competition is an important tournament to support the development of E-sports. In Global Pan Demam, we expressed respect and gratefulness in all the committees of all members who have dedicated to the union of the Korea Chemical Competition.

FINALLY! An Update on RaiderZ!

2021 The Korea-China E-Sports Competition will be held from the Olympic Park Handball Stadium (Seoul Songpa) and online from September 10 to 12. The official partners of the competition are involved in Kraffon, Nexon Korea, and the official sponsors are with Riot Games, Super Celsius, Konami and Naver. Official supply companies have joined Genenity Sciency, Logitech, Aasus, Icom Brand, First F & S and Dongha Otsuka. The competitions and game cultural festivals can be watched through Naver Games e sports.

Meanwhile, AESF is the only organization recognized by the Asia Olympic Council as an instrument that governs the Asian region e sports. Last 2018 Jakarta and Palembang Asian Games E sports pilot events and 2022 Hangzhou Asian Games e sports has led to the adoption process.