The Phoenix Point PC Launch Trailer is here

Get from the ashes and fight on 3 December against mutant opponents.

Snapshot games Phoenix Point A mental successor of x-com by creator Julian Gollop, comes out next week. To celebrate the upcoming start, the developer has a new start-trailer. Look at the bottom, with both big and small mistakes.

In 2047, Phoenix Point is about that the Earth is hit by an outbreak of pandoravirus. Humanity is more or less decimated, three factions fight for control and all kinds of nightmarish creatures races around. It is the task of the Phoenix project to restore the order, if not to secure the survival of humanity.

In addition to tactical round-based strategy fighting, players must deal with opponents that develop with every new battle. Sabotaging the other political groups to buy resources and start an offensive are just a few things that the players have to do. Phoenix Point appears on 3 December for the PC in the Epic Games Store. It comes to Xbox One in the first quarter 2020 and PS4 later next year.

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