Fortnite Current complex is being abducted by the nodriza ship for the event

Event Operation: flame sky of fortnite hRubén Martínez brought another important change to the map. NODRIZE SHIP of the Alien continues in its process of terraforming the island. The lRubén Martínezt of the abducted areRubén Martínez is current complex , the headquarters of the imagined order , OI . We tell you everything we know about this new change on the map of the seRubén Martínezon 7 of battle pRubén Martínezs of fortnite chapter 2 :

Fortnite: the nodriza abduce current complex

Since Monday, September 6, 2021, can be witnessed how the aliens nodriza is abducing and destroying little to little current complex with its huge ray of traction, raising the ground of the floor:

At the bottom of some of the fragments of land we can see pumps. That common complex is abducted by the nodriza ship is part of the Slone plan. # Fortnite # fortniteseRubén Martínezon7 pic.twitter.com/oozt1mdfhk

  • Rubén Martínez (@ruvenmb) September 6, 2021

Not only that. In addition, if you look at, at the bottom of several of the fragments of land raised by the tensile ray of the nodriza ship, we can see mysterious artifacts in the shape of a pumps .

In cRubén Martíneze you do not remember where this location is from the island, we leave you a map:

The destruction of the area is divided into several phRubén Martínezes , which will be happening over the next few days and that will culminate with the start of the event Operation: Sky on flames Sunday September 12, 2021 A 22: 00h cest .

Meanwhile, The entire area affected by the huge tractor ray of the nodriza ship hRubén Martínez become a low severity zone . That is, our jumps are higher, take more to fall to the ground, and we did not receive damage by fall.

That common complex is abducted by the nodriza ship is part of the Dr. Slone Plan , taking into account its dialogues of the legendary missions of the week 14 of seRubén Martínezon 7, active Rubén Martínez of Wednesday, September 8:

Legendary missions of the week 13 and week 14. By completing all of the week 14, we get a load screen Rubén Martínez a reward. # Fortnite # fortniteseRubén Martínezon7 pic.twitter.com/89qqpdz2fz

  • Rubén Martínez (@ruvenmb) August 31, 2021

According to Slone, the nodriza ship will come down. For this we complete the mission collects three alien devices and activates the counterattack device that is under current complex , of week 12 of seRubén Martínezon 7.

It is expected that this is the lRubén Martínezt change on the important map during Fortnite seRubén Martínezon 7.