Half Life Alyx 12 biggest changes you need to know

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How is Valves VR adventure different from previous titles? Find out here.

Dewreichwertzeit: Alyx is shortly before the publication on March 23 for PC-compatible VR headsets and free of charge for Valve Index owners. As the first big title of the series since then ease half-life 2: Episode 2_ It was released in 2007 and developed from scratch for VR. Changes are in progress. Let’s take a look at 12 the biggest changes you need to know before dipping.

A prequel, but also The Next Part

Previously, Andworthiness time 2 The story focuses on Alyx and Eli Vance as the two battles against the extraterrestrial combinations that already claimed the earth. As such, you can expect the resistance to be built, resulting in interactions with people like Dr. Judith Mossman, a former scientist of Black Mesa, and Wallace Breen, the former Black Mesa Administrator for the Earth could lead.

Although canonically serves as prequel, ease of half-life: Alyx_ was described by the Valve Programmer David Speyrer as the next part of Half-Life History. Speyrer actually recommended to play Half-Life: Episode 2 in front of Alyx, from reasons that will be clear over time. A theory states that the game is included or even teases events after Episode 2, which could come next, especially when the G-Man appears during the announcement trailer.

Voiced Hero

But that’s pretty obvious ease of half-life: Alyx_ is the first game in the main series that has a voiced protagonist. Instead of Gordon Freemans Stoisch Facial Expression to view all, while commands are distributed, Alyx is actually responding to others. If you are informed about possible threats like head crabs, it will respond orally. It does not seem to be a big change, but the fans of the series will probably appreciate the distinction.

New speakers

There are many recurring speakers – Mike Shapiro as G-Man and Ellen McLain as Combine Overwatch Broadcast Voice are some remarkable personalities. However, Ozioma Akagha now expresses Alyx in contrast to Merle Dandridge, where Alyx, younger age is taken into account in prequel. Robert Guillaume has expressed Eli Vance in the previous games, but deceased in 2017 – James Moses Black takes his place. Despite high expectations Valve is looking forward to hearing that the fans hear his performance.


Previous debewertbeit The games offered a mixture of exploration, solving puzzles and action-packed shootings. Bowworthy time: ALYX channel a more methodical approach and emphasizes a slower pace according to the VR shape. As IGN FIRST found in his preview of the first four hours, the details of the environment, close-up and personal fire habits make it easier and various hidden objects of this pace. You will Wollen to explore this level because they look interesting and contain all possible useful items.

Weapon Upgrades

In previous titles, there were no really improved weapons per word, apart from the fact that the Gravity Gun became Dark Energy Gravity Gun Endebewertszeit 2. Eal half-value time: ALYX introduces upgrades for your weapons that are unlocked by resin scattered in environments. For upgrade, resin must be used in weapon stations, but they also need to solve special 3D puzzles to get these stations to run. No groundbreaking new mechanic for shooting, but a worthwhile incentive to explore levels anyway.

Physical reloading and goals, shoot over cover

Black Gold Season 2 Episode 1

Get us aware of manually letting weapons to leverage magazines and physically align their weapon to shoot enemies. Thanks to the VR nature of the game, you can also peek around corners and align your weapon so that you shoot enemies without being exposed. This is to move an explosive run under a barnacle, go into cover, stretch the hand and shoot upwards to shoot it out of relative security. Since the fight takes place in narrower areas, they are motivated to look for different types of coverage and to get an advantage. For example, car doors can open and block shots while targeting the exposed window to turn out enemies.


You probably have noticed that the entire weapon action takes place with one hand. This allows you to have free hand to perform other tasks, such as hacking in terminals, gripping and throwing objects and of course reloading. Even healing from a station requires your free hand, which is a beautiful change in quality of life, as you can now heal and defend the surrounding enemies with your weapons hand.

Gravity gloves

Gravity gloves work similar to the gravity gun – surprise, surprise – and enable you to get objects from afar. They are not necessarily good in pushing objects, so do not expect to fire razor blades on Headcrab zombies. What you can do is to record items and throw physically, whether it is a trash bin lid or a grenade. One of the cooler moments we have seen so far is to pull a grenade from the bag of an unsuspecting enemy and throw it into her face. The gloves are also useful to get ammunition of dead enemies from afar.

Head crab throw

If we talk about throwing things, let’s talk about head crabs. They jump and scratch not only, but are physically sticking to their face. However, you can tear them off and throw them out of a window. It is possible to become more creative and throw a head crab at a nearby enemy, which is briefly set out of action while you do it. Just try not to panic when a head cancer attacks you, especially in the weakly illuminated areas.

Different motion options

Valve has introduced various movement options αal half-life: ALYX_. Blinking is automatically brought to the next destination with a short screen overlay and referred to as the most comfortable option. The Shift key allows moving to locations with a fast linear motion. Continuously used to move based on their head orientation and continuous hand allows a constant movement based on their hand orientation. So do not worry if you have only seen teleportation movements so far – there are other ways.

No multiplayer

For a series that has produced so much in multiplayer mode, from Counter-Strike: Global Offensive to Team Fortress 2, Eralmart time: ALYX will be the first to be debewertzeit Title to have no multiplayer modes when starting. It is still a pretty violent single player game, comparable to debreichwertzeit 2 in length. Plans could also change across the board, but on foreseeable time is the story exactly where it is located.

Source 2 and Hammer Level Editor

On the positive page, ease of half-life: ALYX_ comes with all Tools of Source 2 together with updates for the Hammer Level Editor for VR support. In this way, players can create their own levels with user modes, which are also supported by the Steam Workshop. What now Arten It remains to be seen which mods you can expect or how fast you will be available. So do not expect any full recruitment of portal 2 in VR on the first day.