Half Life Alyx is becoming during the VR headset

A quick look at the game.

The bread time The series will celebrate at the beginning of next year with the publication of your great return to gambling debreichwartzeit: Alyx. Almost as if it were written in the stars, came the return in an unexpected form, which not all enthusiastically excited with a VR title without multiplayer. That’s what it is and everything, at this time nothing really to do, but we got a new insight into the game and how you will look when you play it.

Tested over the YouTube channel, we saw it alyx demo on a total of 8 different headsets. The focus is more on the headsets, but you can see some new recordings of the game in the background while the demo is played. You will also see how you look when you play this game that’s just fun.

Dewedding time: Alyx should come to the PC in March 2020 and compatible with a variety of VR headsets. There are currently no plans for a console release, but the company has announced that a PS-VR release is on the plan.

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