Korea China and E Sports Competition

[Eye News 24 Moon Young-Soo] The Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism (Minister Hwang Hee) is hosted by the Minister of Korea, Korea, Middle and Japan, and the Organizing Committee (Chairman Yujin Ryong, Organizing Organization) and Korea E-Sports Association, Korea Content Promotion Agency, Middle and Japan E-Sports Competition ‘and Game Culture Festival will be held at the Seoul Olympic Park SK Handball Stadium from 10 to 12th to 12th.

This tournament, which is conducted to be irrelevant to Corona 19 preventing, is broadcast online through Naver Sports TV and convention official YouTube channels, twitch (English). In China and Japan, we relay in real time through their own channels.

2021 Korea-China-Japan E-Sports Competition is the first E-sports country for the government. In Korea, China, Japan, in 2019, in 2019, in 2019, we have promoted friendship of cultural fields and securing E-sports international leadership, I have signed a work agreement for the project.

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Especially, the invitation venue has been decided to be in Seoul, and has been preparing for the conference centered on the organization that was launched in February last year. To present the standards of the International E Sports Competition, we have established the regulations, such as selection of the event and the selection of the national representative, and operating the national representative.

Three countries are the official events of the tournament, the ‘League of Legend’, ‘Battleground’, ‘Clash Royal’, and ‘PES 2021’, and run the ‘Dungeon Figh’ as ​​a pilot stock. Each country team, including director, is 43, and 130 people will participate in the competition.

The game culture festival is held online to inform the value of the game as a cultural life with this tournament and to communicate with the game culture. Game Insertion (OST) Achestra play, ‘Memories of the game experience show’, and game culture related lecture, such as game culture related lecture, Game Culture Festival Online content can be seen before and after the performance during the competition.

The Minister of Physical Education, the Minister of Physical Education, said, I hope to present the standard of the International e-Sports Competition through the first, middle and day e-sports country against Korea, and let me know the status of Korean games and e-sports. I will spread the cultural value of the game and actively support the E-sports industry’s development.