Mesut zil in front of Fenerbahce

Mesut Özil wants to report Fenerbahce after not even a year ago. His consultant has clearly related.

Mesut will play for three more years for Fenerbahce. Nobody doubts. He went to Qatar for his own sponsoring negotiations. That’s normal. If a player does not play in the starting eleven, then there is a problem. But Mesut is ready, everything is ready to do to win the championship with Fenerbahce, said Earth’s sake of the Turkish sports leaf fanatik .

Özil, who had signed a treaty less than eight months ago by Fenerbahce until 2024, was recently associated with a change to Qatar. A journey of the 32-year-old in the Arab country had further fueled the speculation.

Mesut Özil grew up with love for Fenerbahce and now experienced the special feeling of wearing this jersey. He is very happy and always gives everything for the success of Fenerbahce when he gets a mission chance, led the adviser of the former national player .

Özil does not belong to the players who come to Turkey because they do not find any other clubs, Mesut came here, since he has always planned. Not because of the money.

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Özil at Fenerbahce No unregerted regular

The midfielder was changed from the FC Arsenal to the Bosphorus at the beginning of the year because he had not played a role in the team of Coach Mikael Arteta and mostly only found on the grandstand. Through his contract resolution, the Gunners divided a salary of 400,000 euros per week. In Istanbul, Özil is to earn much less.

However, the second half of the Fenerbahce jersey was moderate for Özil. Due to an ankle violation, Özil collected until the end of the season only ten bets, remained without goal and made only one goal.

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In the new season Özil hopes to find again to old strength. From trainer Vitor Pereira he was appointed to one of the captains and scored at the 1-0 victory at Adana Demirspor on the first matchday equal to his first goal this season. However, Pereira continued frequently to the 20-year-old striker Muhammat Gumuskaya. Özil has to prevail.