The first version of RedFall has just been disclosed showing weapons and menus

The RedFall gameplay has just been disclosed online. The first images of development of the upcoming title were shared on social networks. Although the original message has already been removed, RedFall fans have been too fast and the images have come around the Internet.

They were only images of the first version of RedFall and probably are not an indication of the visual quality of the game once officially launched. However, they provide the community players from the clues on his gameplay and his weapons of different levels of quality. The disclosed images show that Redfall is played at once in the first and third person. In addition, RedFall players can choose to play solo or cooperative mode, which allows up to four players.

As observed in the recent redfall leakage, the game will have two parameters and players will have to navigate themselves in its urban or natural environments to win XP. Winning XP, on the other hand, can be done by performing missions, fighting bosses and killing enemies, vampires to other humans. Redfall players will also have four characters, including choosing, each with its own special skills and capabilities.

Maintain, the vampires direct the city at night and the human culticals who worship them patrol themselves in the streets on the day, said Anne Lewis, director of senior content at Bethesda. Are you entering .

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RedFall was announced for the first time in June as an exclusivity for new generation PC and Xbox consoles. Unfortunately, Arkane Studios did not specify whether the game would be available on Xbox One. In addition, since it is a title belonging to Bethesda, RedFall should most likely be launched on Xbox Game Pass Day One next summer.

Although the disclosed screenshots do not reflect the final quality of RedFall, Bethesda will surely not be impressed, since the images were taken from a PLAYTEST.

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