Half Level Alyx Designer is looking forward to modifying VR

But not for reasons you might think.

After 13 years on ice (for maybe surprising reasons) is the legendary haltenwerztzeit Series with returned nagewart time: Alyx . It’s been some time since we visited this world again, but for some fans it’s a bitterness matter. The game is a VR title and can only be played with a Virtual Reality Headset. Since VR is still relatively new and aimed at a certain audience, some fans were less than enthusiastic. Since this game is currently only a PC, it is also inevitable that some of these fans develop mods to play the game without a headset. One of the designers for alyx is looking forward to it, but maybe for reasons they do not expect.

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In conversation with VGC, Designer Robin Walker was asked for the possible non-VR mods. He said shy, he is really looking forward to it. He said as soon as the fans understood that, they will experience a rude awakening and see how important VR is for the functioning of the game. He also hopes that it will help people appreciate the effort they have made to integrate this new technology.

You will understand why we made this choice. We believe that we have got a large amount through this choice. We would never have made such a big decision if we did not think that we would benefit from enormous benefits.

I’m confident that people when you get this slaughtered version and have lost all the things we have received by the change to VR, very clearly understand why we have made you this choice.

There is a part of me, which is concerned that people can do this experience: Oh, now I understand it. Now I see everything we have lost in this transition to non-VR, and I understand why you have done it.

Dewieftszeit: Alyx is now available on the PC.

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