Phoenix Point Trailer rises from the ashes

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Learn more about the state of the world, the new factions and the return of Project Phoenix.

After many years in development, Phoenix Point will start next week. As a spiritual successor of x-com with the original creator Julian Gollop on the rudder, Phoenix Point promises a new war against an extraterrestrial enemy. Take a look at the current trailer, which describes the current state of the world.

Basically, the world is pretty confused thanks to an extraterrestrial threat. Three fractions are responsible and argue. Meanwhile, it’s time for the Phoenix project to return the aliens to return and effe effectively.

Phoenix Point should appear for the PC in June 2019. It was then postponed to September and then on the 3rd of December. In view of the time expenditure and polish, it will be interesting to see how well the game compared to titles like is xcom 2 . Although Phoenix Point is time exclusively for the Epic Games Store on the PC and will also be available for the PC on the Xbox Games Pass.

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