On the place, the players of the FCK and Waldhof at the zero number did not die in a centimeter, sometimes the hardness was exaggerated. But even in the immediate vicinity of the lawn it was high. So also in the reflection time of half one, there was louder’s team manager dick of referee Florian issue with the red card and had to go to the grandstand.

On Tuesday, the DFB Sports Court had already punished the two place references of the Lauterer Kenny Prince Redondo and Marvin Senger with a two-game lock, on Wednesday the penalty for fat was determined. The 36-year-old was occupied by the DFB Control Committee in a single judge procedure by the DFB Control Committee because of an unsportsible behavior with an interior ban on the next championship game of the 3rd league.

Thereafter, at the batch of the Lotter Kreuz at the SC Veris can not be at the team – the contactless time begins half an hour before kick-off and ends half an hour after the final whistle. Dick has agreed to the verdict, the judgment is thus final.

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