Kaufberatung for Gaming PCs Ideal Games Calculator from beginners to high

It needs a good gaming PC to be able to play current game blockbusters in a high resolution and frame rate. With the regularly updated purchase advice (as of October 2021) we want to facilitate the decision after choosing the individual PC components. We present three configurations: Game PCs for beginners, middle class and high-end. The compilations are suitable for every claim. You do not have to orient yourself to luxury hardware.

Of course we take into account the price in the purchase advice, after all, the gaming computer should fail as cheap as possible. Of course, we also pay attention to the built-in components so that the game PC achieves good performance. Finally, the calculator should be tidy – with high resolutions, frame rates and graphics details. We divided the purchase advice in three systems (beginners, middle class and high-end).

In the categories we introduce you to the individual components. In addition, you will learn the current prices for CPU, graphics card, mainboard, memory, power supply and Co. but notes that the prices change almost every day. Advanced before buying a look at our price comparison, to look for hardware deals. In addition, we attach to our daily updated bargain guides to the heart. Also there we list cheap hardware components. The right game food for your new gaming PC can also be found there.

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1. 1.1Gaming PC for beginners: well prepared for the future
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Gaming PC for beginners: well prepared for the future

High graphics card prices, price increases in CPUs under 250 Euro – beginners are not easy. One should therefore, if available and not extremely weak, still retain its old graphics card. In the drives, we will not advise you to train the SSD. An option is to delete the hard drive and take a larger SSD for it.

CPU – Intel Core i5-10400F (boxed, fellow cooler), 6 cores (2.9-4.3 GHz), 12 threads
Graphics Card – Gigabyte GeForce RTX 2060 \ – 6GB GDDR6-RAM
Mainboard – Gigabyte H510M H
SSD – Kingston A400 \ – 480 GB
HDD – Seagate Barracuda \ – 1 TB
Housing – Sharkoon VG4-V, Tower Housing
Power supply – Seasonic S12III 500 Watt

Total costs: 485 euros (without graphics card)

Alternative CPU : The Core i5 has become 30 euros more expensive since last month – therefore a Core I3-10100F (80 Euro) is a good choice. However, his only four cores could shorten the fitness period. At AMD s favorable and at the same time sufficiently strong CPUs, there were also strong price increases on more than 200 euros – for entry-level PCs therefore currently eliminates an AMD recommendation.

Alternative graphics card : Who can spend 500 euros, gets the 40 percent faster AMD Radeon RX 6600 XT. The graphics cards from the performance below the RTX 2060 graphics cards, currently the NVIDIA GTX 1600 series, are far too expensive. There are bad times for cheap beginner PCs.

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Alternative motherboard : There are numerous other motherboards under 100 euros, which also come into question, for example, the Asrock H510M-HVS for 70 euros. Since the Intel CPUs are not overclocked without K in the model name, nothing must be observed except for the desired equipment.

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