MCU star Anthony Mackie wins the main role in the Twisted Metal series

While the filming of the series The Last of Us has recently had the pleasure of buckling his pilot episode, the production of the Twisted Metal series is also prepared at PlayStation Productions. And to oppose a psychopath like Sweet Tooth, we had to call the new Captain America.

As Deadline reports, whose article is still posting press release, this adaptation of the vehicular combat game attracted in its Anthony Mackie nets to keep the first role. Not a small catch since the native of New Orleans has established itself as an MCU star by incarnating Sam The Falcon Wilson in different Movies Marvel then in the series of Disney +, Falcon and the soldier of the winter , who offered him the main role. Anthony Mackie is also known sci-fi lovers for his role in the altered carbon series on Netflix or in Season 5 of Black Mirror .

We are delighted to have Anthony Mackie on board. His ability to mix comedy, action and drama is perfect for the world we create , said Asad Qizilbash, Playstation Production Manager. As a reminder, the series Twisted Metal will tell the story of an anonymous who is offered the opportunity of a better life, but only if he manages to deliver a mysterious package through a post-Apo landscape Filled with wild marauders, including a certain clown driving a glacier truck. The series will be written by Michael Jonathan Smith ( Cobra Kai ) and produced by Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick ( deadpool ) under Hermen Hulst s gaze, Patron des PlayStation Studios.

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Depending on the rumor, the return of Twisted Metal into video game would also be in preparation. The last unpublished episode came out on March 16, 2012 on PlayStation 3.