The Twisted Metal series already has a protagonist will be Anthony Mackie actor of Marvel and Altered Carbon

The Twisted Metal television series, which was confirmed a while ago, finally has its first actor. It is Anthony Mackie , whom many will remember about the role of him like The Falcon in numerous Marvel feast films. Mackie will play John Doe, who will be the character protagonist of the series.

Anthony Mackie will be the protagonist of the series. We are very excited to have Anthony Mackie on board, said Asad Qizilbash , head of PlayStation Productions. His ability of him to mix comedy, action and drama is perfect for the Twisted Metal we are creating.

We already knew previously, that the series will be a comedy of action, where a stranger will offer you a better life if he is willing to fight against some armed vehicles to the teeth. Well, that stranger is John Doe, a character that we saw for the last time, on Twisted Metal: Black.

Along with this news, some additional details about the series also arose. The episodes of him will have a duration of 30 minutes , and John Doe must deliver a package through a postapocalyptic desert before he is fulfilled his dream.

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As for a new game of saga, only rumors circulate. David Jaffe , the creator of Twisted Metal, commented that he would feel very hurt, if PlayStation does not contact him in case they are developing a new title. The Twisted Metal series still does not have a release date.