Thick Nerfs in WoW The current RAID

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The Sanctum of the Rule InWorld of Warcraft is massively generated. We reveal you what changes in the latest WoW raid.

Some players already satisfied at the Raid Sanctum of Rule , but many guilds still try to lay the bosses in heroic or mythical mode. Exactly these players Blizzard now attacks the arms and ensures that the last bosses of WoW raid are much easier to cope with. There are a whole series of Nerfs for some of the last bosses that are noticeably easier to defeat.

All Nerfs at the sanctum of domination in detail

A total of 4 of the last 5 bosses of the sanctuary of the rule get felt thick Nerfs, which significantly reduces their difficulty. In the case of Kel thuzad, however, it is more of an adaptation. Certain parts of the fight were easier, but one can no longer delay the phase change to wait for all DPS cooldowns because the damage of blizzard is becoming increasingly strong over time.

Sigger Raznal

The distance of the gaps between the spines was reduced in Phase 2 on mythical difficulty.
The damage of the shadow steel chains was reduced by 15% on mythical difficulty.

Dest of fate raw kalo

The position of the runes were adapted to normal and heroic difficulty, so they need a little less hustle and bust of rotations counterclockwise.
Players have 10 additional seconds in the raid and on normal difficulty 5 additional seconds and on heroic difficulty 5 additional seconds to set their destiny.

Kel thuzad

Kel thuzad s life points were reduced by 5% on mythical difficulty.
The life points of the remnant of Kel thuzad were reduced by 20% on mythical difficulty.
Unstoppable monstrosity now has 20% less life points on mythical difficulty.
Soul shop now has 20% less life points on mythical difficulty.
The initial damage of frozen destruction was reduced by 40% on mythical difficulty.
The damage over time of frozen destruction was reduced by 10% and the duration of 10 seconds to 8 seconds on mythical difficulty.
The damage of howling blizzard is now stackable and increases with time on mythical difficulty.

Sylvanas wind runner

Difficulty in Videogames
Dominies now have 15% less life points on mythical difficulty.
Dark guards have 15% less life points on mythical difficulty.
The basic time from the curse of lethargy was reduced from 6 seconds to 4 seconds on mythical difficulty.
The damage The ball of the decay was reduced by 10% on mythical difficulty.
The radius of veil of darkness in Phase 2 of the fight was reduced from 15 meters to 12 meters on mythical difficulty.
The damage of the following capabilities was reduced by 8% on mythical difficulty: heart-looking for the forest runner, heart-viewer of the Banshee and blades of the Banshee.
An error has been fixed that caused Ruin occasionally no damage.

When are the changes live? With the next restart of the realms, ie the weekly maintenance tomorrow, on 22.09.2021. When Realms can be reached again on Wednesday morning, all Nerfs should be active.

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Why was there all these nerfs now? That s because the glory hall is now filled for the alliance. If that happens, Blizzard opens the mythical mode in the following week also for cross-realm players, so guilds and raid groups can find more players for mythical raids. This is usually accompanied by some Nerfs and the race for the best places is then unofficially considered.

What do you think of these Nerfs? Too heavy and thus everything becomes too easy? Or right, so that your guild can still crack the last bosses?