Fallen Tear The Ascension is about to launch a public demo

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It is always good to highlight a new independent game, especially when this independent game is a visual treat. Fallen TEAR: The Ascension is a Future 2D Metroidvania / JRPG hybrid that takes place in the fantastic world of Raoah, a vibrant decor dripping with colors and beautiful CEL-shaded graphics. But it s not any adorable fantastic adventure – Fallen Tear is a fantastic adventure fango, which means that the protagonist Hira is continually haunted by Overgrowth, a terrible monster of his past, and the demo trailer the Watch in the process of painfully transforming into a cattle character. Congratulations, CMD Studios, you have our attention.

This contemporary version of two classic genres will integrate exploration, parties management, confidence levels and the progression of the characters. You can also customize your characters with multiple capabilities and skills systems to make sure you play as you wish. The game is filled with hand drawn 2D animations and it s absolutely beautiful. This is certainly a title to study only for visuals.

The main features include:

Part for a trip through a fantastic world and its various biomes and interconnected cities.
The Raoah World has many different paths and doors: most are clearly visible, some are hard to access and others are hidden. Fresh a path through this open and expansive world.
When you fight and help others, your learning will give you a soul, which will give you access to mastery and help your group members gain trust!
WEW the 22 fatal obligations! These characters chosen by old pacts will help you on your trip with their talents and will occasionally provide you with services. These capacities are reinforcing as you continue to gain their trust!
Apprend masters that will help you define the unique features of your character! Do you specialize in the attack or choose the defense to survive the most serious injuries? The choice belongs to you!
Discover your true power with climbs! The mystical forged links during your trip will unlock powerful capacities related to the mysterious Origins of Hira. Access capabilities that range from powerful energy attacks breaking the walls to the ability to rush or jump twice in the air.
· Are you an aspirant killer of monsters? Join Korr s Hunters Guild and put your combat skills in the event! Earn contracts and learn new maneuvers by climbing ladder!
Anore world of characters (and monsters!) Miscellaneous and wish, all animated by a detailed 2D animation and made by hand.
The intertwined destinies of Hira and Fated Bonds are unleashed with powerful unique units to the combination of members of the group you take during your trips. Mix and associate the members of your group to find them all!

Fallen Tear: The Ascension will see a complete exit in 2023, but it is about to launch a public demo on March 31. If you can not wait, a limited anticipated version demo is also available here.

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