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Even before we usually set the first foot into a game world follows how hard we want to make the adventure: easy, medium, heavy or we want to follow cozy in story mode of history?

In a game survey we wanted to know from you, on which difficulty you usually start a game. In advance, a huge thank you to all 3,627 among you who not only coordinated, but also commented hard.

The result to question On what difficulty is you playing?

Normal: 59% (2,136 votes)
Heavy: 20% (738 votes)
Easy: 15% (536 votes)

217 Voices, and thus 6% of all participants inside, decide from the beginning for the story mode. They want a degree of challenge as possible and fully focus on the story.

The majority plays on normal

With 59%, most of you opt for the difficulty level, which is often recommended by the developer for a balanced gaming experience: challenging, but not too heavy gameplay.

A little surprise: Wins the normal degree of difficulty, each fifth among you may, however, may be the big challenge and would like to fight extra hard for playful success. On the other hand, the proud 21% of the community would rather take a little quieter and have fun on a lighter level of difficulty.

Your reasons for choosing the degree of difficulty

Thanks to your numerous, partly super detailed comments (188), we also know many of your motivations, know why the choice falls on the level of difficulty.

Games serve entertainment and relaxation

For example, the entertainment is clearly in the foreground for game-User Grimur. He writes:

Games are pure entertainment for me. I do not have to master all the challenges or have everything on platinum . If heavy means more opponents, I ll let it. Why too?

… also Nanashi-kun writes:

I usually play exclusively on light. Looking for less a challenge, but games are more for me for entertainment and relaxation. I d rather hug myself lazy on the sofa and enjoy comfortably for a few hours.

The everyday life is already hard enough

Some among you also describe a phenomenon, which often comes with a higher age and increasing challenges in everyday life. So also User Tomek:

So if the game does not remove it to the disadvantage and I still can get all the successes, then I like to play on the preset or on the lightest level of difficulty. Because I m reluctant to torture me and like to play the relaxation because challenges I have the day already enough.

That also sees Miami Nights1983 so:

Always on the lightest degree of difficulty. I am closed every day professionally and have neither the time nor the nerves kill me around with heavy playing around. But still wants to switch off the meantime and experience the story of a games 🙂

Christian9500 also chooses the lightest degree of difficulty, as he wants to feel powerful while gambling, the real life is already hard enough and he wants to sit back relaxed.

It depends on the game (and age)

Very, many of you make the choice of difficulty as well as dependent on which genre or in a special case, which game is in the series. Another factor, so it writes Georg51, but is also your own age:

At my age (52), unfortunately, one is no longer so responsive, so I m getting rather on easy or happy to play in story mode. In any case, I am always happy if I have a choice for the difficulty grades.

User VL Dave LV, however, depends on the type of game:

In general, I play my games on Normal . But it can still vary. If you always arrive at the game. While I played a watch dog at that time hard , because otherwise I was too simple, I play Immortals Fenyx Rising just on light . Simple because I have more fun to the puzzles.

This is how Zombies Ate My Neighbors:

Come on to the game. I often try it on hard. If that fits, I leave it with it. If not, change to normal. At God Of War I had to switch down. Compared to the other Sony Exclusive, was That s a bit more demanding in difficulty. Important is important to me that I have the choice. That s why Soulslikes are nothing for me.

No fun without challenge

But of course those should be mentioned among you who are looking for a bang-hard challenge and have their fun with heavy games.

This group now also includes Socki, who writes:

I like to choose the heavy degrees of difficulty.
I m really stubborn and does not want to change him just because I m hanging in an opponent. (…) But I like the challenge. I m just trying to be in Bloodborne, but I m still at the beginning.

Even L1Slayer needs the challenge:

Always Hardcore. Without a claim, Most games do not give me fun.

Finally, many thanks for your super detailed answers. Even if we could not list them here, it was really interesting to read your motivations.

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