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Meditation is exercised in countless religious practices. The earliest documents of meditation (dhyana) are discovered in the ancient Hindu messages referred to as the Vedas, and meditation plays a salient role in the reflective arsenal of Hinduism and also Buddhism. Because the 19th century, Asian meditative methods have actually spread to other societies where they have actually also found application in non-spiritual contexts, such as company as well as health.
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For several days the charming action adventure Kena: Bridge of Spirits is available digitally. Above all, the title rewards curious discoverers who look closely in the partly extensive sections. Especially useful places you can find are so-called meditation points that ensure that the maximum health of our young heroine is permanently increased. We will help you in finding all of them.

Meditation point No. 1 (village)

After having opted for the boss fight against the mask maker successfully for you and then follows the path, you can discover the first meditation point to the right.

Meditation point no. 2 (village)

Now follows an extremely short search: After your did the hunter boss opponent in his barriers, the place of desire will appear exactly before you.

Meditation point No. 3 (village)

The last meditation point in this section can you find the warrior boss opponent after your victory against . Also in this case the place appears exactly before your nose.

Meditation point No. 4 (TaRos tree)

After defeating the spoiled Taro , the meditation point appears exactly before you.

Meditation point no. 5 (Rusus Mountain)

At Rusus backyard you will find a warpstone / fast travel point, where you discover a bridge bridge . Jumps over this over and you should be able to discover a blue flower on a tree . Attract only to this with an arrow and you find the meditation point.

Meditation point No. 6 (forgotten forest)

From the fast travel point at the sacred tree you have to go down the way right and then keep left to cross a small bridge. Now keep left and Follow the water upstream . In the end you can see a blue stone on the other side, which you can activate with an arrow. So you activates two platforms to which you jump. Then only follows the way to your goal.

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Meditation point No. 7 (forgotten forest)

If you are on the way to the lantern cavity , you can discover a forest cruise. Use it to eliminate the corruption left from you. There you will now find the next meditation point.

Meditation point no. 8 (fields)

At one point you have to climb a high tower in this area . Meanwhile, you reach a plateau, where you can spy on the left some ruins . Here is a small climbing tour on you, at the end of which another meditation point and a quite picturesque view await you.

Meditation point No. 9 (fields)

Seen from the fast travel point at the forge from, you ve got to go into the back room and climb up there at a designated place. Crashes so long until you arrive at a lead, from which in a hole in a roof can jump over you. There you will find the point you are looking for.

Meditation point No. 10 (fields)

You can not miss this again: After the victory over the woodsmith the point appears in front of you.

Meditation point no. 11 (village heart)

The final meditation point in Kena: Bridge of Spirits will find your in the village heart . Being here from the warpstein at the entrance of the village to the left. There, her reaches a small Lück E, behind which is the corruption that you must first eliminate. Shipyard then a bomb on the stone underneath to platforms to raise. Now you can cross the gap and reach the point.

Congratulations, now you have successfully found all meditation points in Action Adventure and Kenas Health up to the maximum increased! If you still need some help with the title, then look at our other guides. Otherwise, we wish you a lot of fun with the game.

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