This week we got five new games six large additions

An overview prepared specifically for those users who do not visit us regularly, and who could miss some important event in the last week. You will find here a list of all prime minister, tests, updates, new classes, servers and other new products, which we witnessed between Monday and Sunday.

Monday (20 September):

Stein World – New update

Titanreach – saved game, development takes

Vindictus – New Update, Higher Level Cap

Return of Reckoning (Warhammer online) – Two new cities

Tuesday (September 21):

Closers – Dishes ready-made Wyexpiona characters

Star Citizen – Free Week

World of Warcraft – Nerf Sylvanas and the whole rally

Ravendawn – another part of the alpha testing

Wednesday (22 September):

Pokemon Unite – Premiere on smartphones

Guild Wars 2 – Beta tests of new specializations

Fractured – autumn tests took off

Thursday (September 23):

CSGO – New operation

Elyon – a preliminary registration with prizes started

The Lord of the Rings Rise to War – Global Prime Minister game

Foxhole – a great update, a larger world

Diablo 2 Resurrected – Game premiere

Friday (September 24):

Eve Online – Premiere on Epic Games Store

Mirage Realms – Great Update, New Engine

Lord of the Rings Online – Every Quest Packs for free !!!!!!!

Dawn of Isles – Server closing

Neo 2045 – the official premiere of the game

Minecraft Dungeons – Premiere on Steam

Saturday (September 25):

Genfanad – Beta New Eve Online tests

Sunday (September 26):