ACTIVISION BLIZZARD swaying in harassment issues to a lawsuit from government agencies approximately 2 billion funds to settlement UPDATE

Action Blizzard, with many problems such as complaints such as discrimination, sexual harassment and male employees with male employees, and has also been published. This time, it became clear that a reconciliation was established between the new and sueded American government agencies.

The company has been sued by the Employment Opportunity Committee (hereinafter EEOC), which is an Employment Opportunity Committee (EEOC), which is a government agency of the United States. Therefore, it is announced after further strengthening policies and programs to prevent harassment and discrimination at work at the press release. Based on its agreement, we established a fund of $ 18 million (approximately ¥ 2 billion) and revealed compensation and compensation for the subject who applied for the appeal.

In addition, the extra money should be donated with the approval of EEOC to the relevant charity. In addition, we have also announced the efforts to develop workplace policies and traditions to improve workplace policies and practices for employers in the technology industry.

This lawsuit by EEOC is based on the three-year survey started from September 2018 for Activision. Also, on June 15, the company is notified of survey results, and then it has been in arbitration. For this discussion, Wall Street Journal reported the Wall Street Journal last week.

About this agreement, Bobby Kotick of the company CEO is in the press release, We do not have any kind of discrimination, harassment, inequalities, and the employment that he has brave his experience. I am grateful to those who had to experience an inappropriate act. I am the most comprehensive, respected, respected, respected workplace in Activision Blizzard I do not shake the determination of doing, and comments. He has continued to be warned for the abolition of harassment and discrimination in the workplace, and we are grateful to EEOC involvement.

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