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A level, map, location, phase, world, track, board, floor, area, phase, mission, episode, training course or rank in a video game, is the total area offered to the gamer during the course of finishing a discrete objective. Computer game levels generally have progressively-increasing difficulty to appeal to players with various skill degrees. Each level may provide brand-new ideas and also obstacles to keep a player s passion high.In games with straight development, levels are areas of a bigger world, such as Eco-friendly Hill Area. Gamings may likewise include interconnected degrees, representing locations. Although the obstacle in a game is typically to beat some kind of character, levels are in some cases designed with an activity difficulty, such as a jumping challenge, a type of challenge training course. Gamers must evaluate the distance in between systems or walks and safely dive in between them to get to the following area. These challenges can slow the momentum down for gamers of rapid action video games; the first Half-Life s penultimate phase, Interloper , included multiple relocating systems high in the air with enemies shooting at the gamer from all sides.

[Data provided: Sangan-ri room]

The Congratulations of the National Assembly Culture Physical Tourism Committee Lee Sang – Won (Along, Democratic Party, Ulsan Buk-gu), urged the information utilization of cultural assumption of cultural agencies to promote foreign games and domestic developments in the Ministry of Culture Physical Education, .

Lee Sang-consisted of a sophisticated doubt screen of , an overseas renowned game for Lee Hyun Mo Cultural Properties, and explained the cultural ripple level of the game. In other words, as the content in the well-made game leaves deeply in the phrase of the users, many users enjoying is that it is easy to be familiar with several doubles in the Japanese medieval era.

In fact, has not been exactly implemented, but it is accurate for the sophistication of various doubles in the game.

This law claimed that we should be here in this case. If the game was asked to cooperate with the cultural assignment to use the traditional cultural heritage as a content in the game, these institutions would be actively cooperated.

During the query, a medical address has helped the Trailer image of the game of the Korean Games Developer Pulse in the Cultural Properties. This video is approximately 8 million times and is getting a good response to the world, here, here is a number of traditional cultural heritage, such as Hanok, Sota, Yeon, Yeon,

There is no good tool to announce and stamp our traditional culture as a game as a game, he said, The Cultural Heritage Administration and Sales Authorities are also eligible for the Korean Industrial Contents and Financing Perspective I have to hold my hand in the Culture Review to open the window to take advantage of the cultural property information.