Far Cry 6 Chicharron Location Where can I find Chicharron

One of Far Cry 6 s more vigorous and more aggressive companions is the inflated cock known as Chicharron. This cock is aggressive and relentless and it is an absolute pain to detect him in Yara if you do not know where to look for him.

But Chicharron is an important member of their resilience that they should try to pack as early as possible as he can beat Castillos forces with his kicks and picks absolutely to the ground. This helpful guide shows you where you will find Chicharron and the quest series Yaran Story in El Este, which makes it easy to fight on the side of Dani.

Continue reading the location of Far Cry 6 in Chicharron in the Eastern region of El Este so that you can put it in your list together with other Amigos companions like the lovable Chorizo.

Far Cry 6 Chicharron location

To find Chorizo ​​in Far Cry 6, you must You must complete three Yaran Story quests in El Este: the best enemy of man, chopping orders and wingman.

The first of these quests, the best enemy of man , can be started from the Patriotas Peak in the province of Sierra Perdida.

The second quest will be unlocked after completion of the best enemy of man and is located in the south of the province of Sierra Perdida.

The last quest Wingman is unlocked after completion of the two previous and is located along the eastern border of the Sierra Perdida region in the south.

Once you have completed all three quests, Chicharron will be added to your Amigos list and you can call it at any time if you need to add a little personality to your resistance efforts.

This covers Chicharrons location in Far Cry 6. If you want to look for the best companions and want to see where Chicharron ranks, look at our Far Cry 6-Amigos Company Steps list and our Far Cry 6 complete solution for further instructions.