Far Cry 6 How to get impoverished uranium

The Far Cry series has always presented a light progression mechanics, and the last set of the series is no exception. In addition to improving Dani Rojas skills along your adventure, you will also buy new weapons and weapons improvements. In some cases, the latter requires a special resource scattered around the open world. Here is How to get impoverished uranium at Far Cry 6.

The first time you meet with impoverished uranium, it happens on the island Tutorial, where you explore the strong Quito. Once you collect it, you will eventually learn from Juan Cortez why this resource will be invaluable in the fight against the president, Anton Castillo and his militia.

How to get impoverished uranium at Far Cry 6

The impoverished uranium is found mainly in anti-aircraft sites, stored in yellow boxes. To harvest it, it is not necessary to destroy the anti-aircraft weapon itself, but facilitates access to the box if first has dealt with all enemies; The detonation of the barrel will alert you normally.

As mentioned above, impoverished uranium can be used to acquire new supreme weapons and resolve in John s office or John s arms traffickers.

That s all you need to know How to get impoverished uranium at Far Cry 6. If you re still looking for more information About the game, make sure you check the wiki in the complete guide, since you will surely have all the advice, tricks and frequently asked questions you can have about the game.

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