Tales of Arise receives new free DLC

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Tales of Arise has received a new update, however, it will not be necessary to download any patch. Instead, you should go to the digital store of your respective platform and get the Additional Difficulty Pack . If you do not find it with the search tool, you can always go to the product page, and there you should be listed.

Once you have it, you can find this content under the DLC tab inside the game.

This DLC adds two new levels of difficulty: Very easy and unknown . The first one is precisely that, a very easy option that drastically reduces the difficulty of combat so that players can focus on their history. On the other hand, the unknown difficulty seeks to be the larger challenge that such of arise has to offer.

There are already several levels of difficulty in the game: History, normal, moderate, difficult, and chaos. But even in mode story , combat can remain a bit complicated if you are not used to systems of battle in real time. This new configuration will give you the opportunity for more people to enjoy the game, while Unknown will test veterans.

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This DLC is launched next to the recently announced Sword Art Online Collaboration Pack , which adds a new Boss Battle , costumes, weapons and a new mystic art. However, this one has a price of $ 15.99 Dollars.

Editor s note: Personally, I do not know if a new level of difficulty is enough to return to the title. The truth is that since I ended up several weeks ago, I have been looking for an excuse to return to this fantastic JRPG, but possibly better wait for you to perhaps an expansion or something more robust.

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