In Far Cry 6 players just jump in the deaths blame is a hay bales

Infar Cry 6 is a funny allusion to Ubisoft s famous series Assassin s Creed hidden. But those who make a good conscience what makes you do in the AC games, cruelly is disappointed. Experienced here on Meinmmo, what it has with the deadly Easter Egg.

What does it have it with the hay bales? In Ubisoft s new open-world game Far Cry 6, you should release a banana republic from your cruel dictator as part of a rebel troupe. On the way through the island you come to a place in which a wooden plank is attached to a house roof.

Under the plank, many meters in the depth, is a hay bales. If you balance the plank along, suddenly the shrill scream of an eagle sounds.

Players jump from reflex to death and want an achievement for this

Why is that perfidious? Anyone who has never gamed a game of the series Assassin s Creed, as the latest Valhalla, is gambling, will certainly twitch here with the shoulders and resign again, because falls from this height are usually deadly. The eagle is a bare that flows around here.

If, on the other hand, if you have gottied a game of the Assassin s Creed game, you should suddenly feel reminiscent of a very specific, almost iconic scene from the Meuchel-Epo.

For one of the most important skills of the assassins is the leap of faith , in which the respective assassins crashes from partly absurd heights into the depths and strikes any devout capses.

Instead of shattering, the Meuchler then ends up safely and intact in a random hay bales. The eagle shout is an indicator that the leap of faith works here and you can safely fall into the depths.

That happens when you do the AC-MOVE in Far Cry: In Far Cry 6, however, you do not play an assassin, but a simple guerrilla fighter and when you jump from a house roof, you crouched on the ground and creates. The Easter Egg from Assassin s Creed is a pure GAG ​​and does not just give you the forces of the Assassins!

How is the matter at the players? Diverse players have already fallen on the leap of faith and ended as shattered cadaver in hay. Very much to the fall of the nasty dictator. But instead of stating such a meanness, players celebrate the scene and even wish a reward for their deadly recklessness:

Dndaddy: Ha, I made the 5 times because I hoped that I get a achievement!
Stevenomes: This is still a leap of faith. But the faith was wrong.
Dissident88: I would have made a Achievement called Wrong Game! !

So much to this common Easter Egg from Assassin s Creed in Far Cry 6 and why it s a stupid idea to jump to eagle cries in the depths. Where such actions are likely to work well, is in possibly planned Assassin s Creed MMO.