Path of Exile will give wings today worth PLN 125 Watch Stream

Exact Path Content: Grade K Reading
We will get to know the exact contents of the Scourge content to Path of Exile. At 21:00, a special stream will start, on which – in addition to the mentioned announcement – we will be able to win Dragonfly Wings. Cosmetic wings worth in the Item Shop 320 points, i.e. on a real money … 125 zlotys. All you need to do is connect your path of exile to your Twitch account (how to do it?), And then for 45 minutes to watch the aforementioned transmission. It s about the total cumulative time, not watching without interruption. Wings are the most valuable (Niestral) cosmetics in the path of exile, so it would not be a sin. Always this +10 to a pin for your character. www.twitch.tv / PatHofexile