Medical emergency in Newcastle Collaborated viewers in stable condition

The hosted intervention by Sergio Reguilon and Eric Dier by Tottenham Hotspur may have helped to save life a football fan in Newcastle on Sunday.

Reguilon became aware of the first half of the Premier League game between Newcastle United and the Spurs on a scene on the audience. There was a man collapsed and a second had apparently started with a cardiac pressure massage.

Reguilon turned to his own signs immediately at referee Andrew Marriner and asked this to interrupt the game. At the same time, DIER alerted the medical staff at the playing edge, to hurry to help the viewer and take a defibrillator.

The paramedics succeeded in providing the man before he was brought to a hospital for further treatment. Very fast the news made the round, the man is in a stable condition and responsive, which was later confirmed by a statement of Newcastle United.

Reguilon and Dier Players of the Game

I ve seen a man lying on the floor and another one who did so, Reguilon said in the interview with sky sports after the game, where he imitated the typical hand movements of a cardiac pressure massage. I was very nervous and told the referee: Look at that, you have to interrupt the game .

Play one after the Saudi Takeover: Crazy Scenes in Newcastle

Reguilon, who was honored as a players of the game , inquired in the same interview after the contest of the viewer. When the reporter replied him, he heard that the man is in stable condition, said Reguilon: That s more important than anything else, that s the most important thing.

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The incident occurred in the 40th minute. The game was interrupted for 20 minutes. Tottenham won the game 3: 2 (3: 1).