BVB and FC Bayern get competition at Karim Adeyemi

For weeks, the rumor cuisine for newly national Karim Adeyemi is bothering fierce. But only now the poker should start the striker properly. In addition to the Bundesliga Trio FC Bayern, Borussia Dortmund and RB Leipzig, three more top clubs have apparently outstretched the sensors after the Youngster of RB Salzburg.

Like Sky reports, Real Madrid, Inter Milan and Atlético Madrid are also interested in Adeyemi. Accordingly, in the coming week with the Spanish clubs Concrete calls are on.

Also with FC Bayern Adeyemis Consultant were finally in contact. I was informed about the visit and of course a possible change was a topic, Unterhaching Registered President Manfred Schwabl, who maintains a close relationship with Adeyemi, opposite Image TV .

However, a decision regarding the future of top talent should not exist yet, so sky . Only as much: The striker wants to switch to the (German) Bundesliga. His farewell to Salzburg should be as good as decided.

The Austrians will rely on Adeyemi to the report, however, only in the coming summer. It is also possible that he signs in winter with a new club, but will be awarded back to Salzburg until the end of the season.

Does Adeyemi have better opportunities at the BVB?

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Since Adeyemi threatens to Bayern with Robert Lewandowski Extreme competition, BVB should currently have good cards. The Dortmund has already proven that they give young players a real chance.

For RB Leipzig Meanwhile, the direct connection to Sister Club RB Salzburg speaks. Transfers from the Mozart city to the Saxony are an annual recurring event.

Adeyemi himself only expressed himself only covered in his future. I just would like to achieve my goals and play with a good club where I feel comfortable, said the 19-year-old kicker .