Valorant cheat reporting rate is the lowest thorough antichto system plays a success

Liat Games revealed that the Cater reporting rate has been significant at the 5-to-5 match shocker Valorant .

The cheat measures of this work are adopted an antichitate system Vanguard that operates at the kernel level, which is the root of the PC system. This system that works in the background even when you have not launched the game with more system privileges than general software, and the company was creating concerns and controversials during releases, the company at the kernel level I sue the need to work.

And about one and a half years have passed since the release, it seems that the effect of that system appears. Matt Paoletti, a Liert s senior cheat analyst, Matt Paoletti talked about its results and future measures on his official blog.

According to Paoletti, the cheat decreased due to the introduction of penalties to the player who has an antichto system and a cheetah, and the reporting rate has been the lowest. The system s effect seems to appear while the cheetah is not a factor of 0, but it is not possible to completely eradicate it from now on.

However, there is no solution such as once deployment for cheat measures, and it is also emphasized that we have to continue improving. Liat Games will continue to improve VANGUARD in the best condition for Chuter Permanent Exclusion to the goal, and we are also considering utilizing OS security updates that allow especially high-precision cheat detection and prevention. It is.

And, as reports from users fill the scope of the survey scope and help you find new threats, we will continue to talk about reporting.