Cruise ship operation sim CRUISE SHIP MANAGER trailer released Let s satisfy the passenger on the boat trip of yourself

PLAYWAY has released the trailer of the cruise ship management shim CRUISE SHIP Manager .

This work is a managing shim who manages and operates luxurious cruise ships. Choose the layout of the restaurant and the layout of the ship, such as the installation of the casino pool, and choose a crew with each skill that will work there and works there. In addition, if you leave the wharf, you must choose carefully because you can not change the crew.

If you are ready, you finally at the cruise ship departure. Sales of tickets for shipping on ships are one of the means for earning money, but it is not easy to satisfy the passengers, but the ticket s price must be appropriate. However, there is also a way to sell tickets cheaply and set the price of the ship restaurant high.

You can also make the player freely to the boat trip. Whether you earn a small amount of a short boat trip for two days or make a gapping money on a long run boat trip … All will be left to the player. Long boat trips make a lot of money, but it is also a fire, facility fault, and bad weather ….

CRUISE SHIP MANAGER is scheduled to be delivered for PC (STeam). Delivery time and price are not clear.