Atmospheric rogue lite RPG Himno

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Developer David Moralejo Sánchez has taken the preferred technicians from the initial peaceful Himno, as well as adapted them into a much larger video game in Himno – The Silent Melody. This moment around it s not a relaxed experience, there s threats hiding in the dark.

You play as Fash, a brave Guardian Explorer who has actually seen this world loss. Currently after hundreds of years, Fash has to combine the other guardians as well as bring back that world of light and color.

Enter a strange as well as undiscovered globe complete of strange devices, beautiful procedurally created maps, as well as shocks. Craft powerful gear, find various other explorers and also save this old globe.

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Video game Features:

Silent Globe Expedition: .
No directions. No words. At your own speed, check out, craft, fight (or not), research study and find the secrets this globe awaits you.
Psychological Soundtracks and Dynamic Visuals: .
An excellent blend of darkness, shades, and lights to highlight this weird as well as distinct 2D globe.
Arbitrarily Generated Biomes: .
Each Biome is generated as you teleport down. With unique animals, aggressive makers, as well as special ores and also plants, each biome offers a different experience and difficulty that will examine your ability as well as expertise of Himno.
Melodic & Smooth Fight: .
Although it is not necessary to battle, thanks to a lot of movements as wall-jumps, slides, dashes and also one-of-a-kind weapons and runes, fights are smooth and sufficient. Delightful by a wide range of player skill.

'Himno' by David Moralejo Sánchez - Full Playthrough (Steam, Free to Play)

Build Your Collection: .
Develop your means of relocating and also combating. Craft thousands of weapons & products utilizing loot collected from the environment and from slaying enemies like bows, swords, grappling hooks, essence weapons, boomerangs, spears, throwable weapons like bombs as well as far more!
Develop Mode: .
Customize your camp to your liking, expand plants from various biomes to create distinct remedies and also equipment, or produce residences for rescued NPCs.
NPCs & Lore: .
Unlock new travelers as well as the keys behind this quiet world. The even more NPCs you save, the more knowledge you ll get concerning the Himno s mystical history. Who designed you? What is your function to exist?

I have actually taken care of to play a little bit of it myself prior to launch and it is definitely gorgeous. Blending together some straightforward (yet rather good) pixel-art with fancy lights actually does give it a great look. All the atmosphere as well as feeling of the initial is there it s just an entire lot more of it with numerous new feature additions.

You can get it on Vapor.

Write-up taken from Silent Melody.