Dead by Daylight New patch changes 14 killer removes annoying riddle rates

Actually a small patch, brings the update 5.3.0 many changes Andeead by Daylight. Whopping 14 killers are changed – and a new survivor is still available.

The latest patch Hour of the Witch for Dead by Daylight is live. Although the heart of the chapter is the new surviving Mikaela Reid with its controversial Boon-Perk , the patch has much more to offer: a total of 14 killers are at least easily revised and adapted.

In addition, one of the most annoying elements of the game disappears: descriptions now use fixed numbers as values ​​and no more ominous descriptions such as moderate or drastically .

That can be the surviving Mikaela Reid

Mikaela Reid is a modern witch who likes to deal with occult rituals, prophecy and other mysterious incidents. Accordingly, their 3 Perks also fall out. As with all survivors, the perks are only available for Mikaela at the beginning, but can be unlocked over the blood network for all survivors. Your 3 perks are:

Clairvoyance: The PERK is activated when you want to purify a dead. If you do not have an item with you, you can use the Active Ability button. Up to 8/9/10 seconds you can see the aura of all output styles, generators, hooks, boxes and the trap door within a range of 64 meters.

Boon: Circle of Healing: presses and keeps the active ability button on a globless or curse totem to transform it into a blessed totem with 24 meters radius. All survivors within the radius can heal themselves without a medical kit and receive a 90% / 95% / 100% bonus on the healing speed.
Only one totem can be blessed at the same time. All the advantages of all Boon Perks are combined in this totem.

Boon: Shadow Step: presses and holds the active ability button on a glunchless or curse totem to turn it into a blessed totem with 24 meter radius. All survivors in the range leave no scratch marks and their aura is not displayed to the killer. The effect of the totem remains after surviving leave the radius, nor for 2/3/4 seconds.
Only one totem can be blessed at the same time. All the advantages of all Boon Perks are combined in this totem.

Thus, the developers have also entered feedback from the PTB. The Boon Totems are now no longer stackable, converting a hex totem into a boon totem now takes a whopping 24 seconds and the fundamental radius of this perks was reduced by 4 meters. This should no longer come to such absurd situations where survivors were simply immortal.

14 killers are changed, trapper and pig benefit strong

Even with the killers, there are plenty of customizations – too many to retire them all in this article. The most important changes you see here in the short run, if you are interested in all the details, we recommend the official patch notes in the official DBD forum.

This changes to the trap character: The trapper (trap character) can now carry 2 drops by default and spawns 6 on each card. His addons were almost all revised, so can fall after a flight of the survivor themselves activate themselves or the trapper even start with all 8 cases in the inventory at the beginning of the round.

This changes to the mind: The Wraith (Spirit) was generated. The duration of its speed boost after the appearance was reduced by 20% and its addon for aura recognition now has only a radius of 8 meters (instead of 12 meters).

Mikaela Reid's NEW Perks Are INSANE - Dead by Daylight

That changes at the backwew: The Hillbilly (Hinterwäldler) gets only a few small addon adjustments, so that the overheating of his weapon with some addons does not happen so fast. The other changes are unlimited.

This changes to the nurse: The Nurse (nurse) gets a single addon customization. The Line Of Sight limitation of Torn Bookmark is removed, but the recharging time of its special ability increased by 50%.

This changes on the converter: The shape (converter) is looking forward to a few addon improvements. So the Vanity Mirror loses his limitation of the movement speed and Judith s Tombstone slows him only while he is in Animal III his ability. This is officially the end of the popular memes of Burger King Myers , which moved particularly slowly.

This changes to the witch: HAG (witch) receives a single change. The Addon Watterlogged Shoe increases the motion speed of the killer now to 4.6 m / s, so 115%. So that HAG can move exactly as fast as most other killers.

This changes to the pig: The Pig (Pig) is about a dozen addon adjustments. In the future, she can ensure that all survivors are already starting to start the game with bear traps on their heads. Other Addons ensure that survivors are hurting the Jigsaw boxes when they fail with a skill check or that the aura is displayed by generators when survivors work with a bear trap on their heads.

This changes to the ghost: The spirit (ghost) is generated. In the future, survivors can hear from which direction the killer comes during their special ability. As compensation, however, there are also a few more interesting addons that show survivors, for example, with a killer instinct effect when the spirit passes to them. This killer now has its own music for the terror radius.

This changes to the disease: The plague (plague) has several improvements. So, during the cooldown of your ability, it now moves faster, the duration of the contamination on objects is longer and survivors need longer to curable their disease at the well. Basically, your addons now offer more free space for cool strategies – so you can choose that your plague survivors no longer affect directly, but the contamination of objects is 100% longer.

This changes to the deaths: The Deathslinger (deathboy) gets adjustments that probably weaken him. His terror radius grows from 24 meters to 32 meters and he now has to wait for his complete goals animation before he can fire. He now moves faster and some of his addons were reinforced and losing their slowdown.

This changes at Ghost Face: Ghost Face also gets a clear improvement. The cooldown of its ability was reduced from 30 seconds to 24 seconds. Corresponding addons, which also reduce the cooldown, were weakened a bit – but in principle this is a clear buff, which now allows to take more and different addons.

This changes in the rot: There are only two small addon adjustments at the Blight (column). Especially the improvements in the Summoning Stone now ensure that pallets are blocked for a whopping 15 seconds and thus to be stolen more options to escape this killer.

This changes at the ONI: The ONI also only gets a small change, a Nerf on the Addon Scalped Topknot. The reduction of the activation time of the Demon Dash is halved, the addon is therefore much less effective.

This changes the trickster: The trickster is only a small bugfix, because an addon brought more advantages than originally thought. Therefore, Ji-Woon s autograph becomes something. It now ensures that only one blade is less needed instead of 2.

Finally, in most addons, the confusing and unclear words such as moderate or drastically were deleted. Instead, there are now clear information in seconds, which brings exactly an addon and how much the advantages and disadvantage fails. This ensures more clarity and fixes the problem that players either try for hours or simply had to google, which means the respective value.

Changes to the Hatch / Fall door

Probably the most important change for survivors concerns the hatch, including the front door or in English hatch . So far, the hatch appeared as soon as more generators have been repaired as survivors are still in the game. This has changed now.

The hatch only appears when a survivor remains and all others died or escaped.

It is therefore no longer possible to camp at the hatch and hope that the other survivor dies. The hatch is thus actually a last means of escape and can no longer be used planned to save the whole team.

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Farewell to Stranger Things

The patch still brought a series of small changes – because the Stranger Things characters will disappear soon. Still until November 17, you can buy Nancy, Steve and the Demogorgon, then they are no longer available. But those who own the characters can continue to use them.

Since the license goes out with Netflix, all the perks of the three characters were renamed and converted into general Perks. So, if Inner Strength is suddenly called Inner Healing – this destiny has extended all perks of the three characters.

How do you like the whole changes that were in this patch? Good and meaningful adjustments? Or too much at once?