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[Eye News 24 Municipal Reporter] Em Games (Representative Kwon) announced on the 22nd of the Mobile Games Immortal to Google Play, the one-store market.

This is a game of composite genre combined with strategy simulation and role performance (RPG). You can upgrade your own duty and collect and cultivate various squad (heroes), and enjoy the troops and enjoy dungeon exploration and various quests.

While the existing strategy game is the fast entry of the early PVP, it is very difficult to increase the PVE content so that the peed content is greatly increased to enable it to enjoy it alone. It is also designed to be able to match similar levels of users.

Lee Myung Geun Em Game Business Strategy The implementation is a work that is a work that is the first time Em Games tried to make a defensive, and the mobile game of the first tried to the first time, I said.

Meanwhile, Em Games will begin domestic services and will be able to introduce emotional to four regions of Southeast Asia, including Thailand and Singapore.