Jehanne Rousseau of Spiders rewarded by the Ministry of Culture

Co-founder and president of the studio spider but also producer, artist and ante, Jehanne Rousseau has received the pretty blue medal of the National Order of Merit last Friday, the hands of Muriel Tramis, another important figure of the French video game.

Two cultural organizations were interested in Jehanne Rousseau s career and wanted to reward the commitment of the one who is also part of the video game Stock Exchange project. The co-founder of Studio Spiders in 2008 was therefore chosen by the Ministry of Culture to receive the Medal of Knight of the National Order of Merit, the second national order after the Legion of Honor. As a symbol, the medal was handed over to the hands of Muriel Tramis, also a recognized creative and Knight of the Legion of Honor. The day before, Jehanne Rousseau had been distinguished among the 100 women s culture of the year 2021 by the Women of Culture Association. Before she, it was Éric Chahi who had been made knight of the National Order of Merit on May 7, but Jehanne Rousseau is only the second wife of the video game to be honored by the state after … Muriel Tramis in 2018.

Important, it s not so much that I m the second, but especially that I m not the last! Current is starting to say that video game is also a creative space, artistic and C is good news for the future. It s been trying to convince them that the video game is extremely rich, varied, that French creation is extremely dynamic. We have young talents that only require To have their turn and it is time for the ministry to help us at the level of education , said Jehanne Rousseau at the West-France microphone, present during the ceremony. Note that Jehanne Rousseau had already received the personality distinction of the year in 2020 at the Pegasian ceremony.

With Spiders, Studio who since 2019 is part of the Nacon family, this enthusiast of fantasy has been involved in creating titles like Faery: Legends of Avalon , of Orcs and Men , March: War Logs , Bound by Flame , The Technomancer , Greedfall and now Steelrising . To know a little more about Jehanne Rousseau s course, a portrait was spent last year on the CNC website.