Locations of the Guardians of the Galaxy

Guardians of the Galaxy offers a powerful galactic compendium of six different categories of information to be discovered while exploring the many worlds of the game. But one of the collectibles based categories in this compendium are the archives. These diary entries provide a backstory to some of the characters in the game as well as additional information about the Marvel Universe.

These archives can be picked up by interacting with small black discs in the game, which generate holograms. They can be found in each of the 16 chapters in several places, but due to their small size, they can be quite difficult to detect. Fortunately for you we have the country searched in all 16 chapters in order to find anything, we explored all 16 chapters and found all the locations of the Guardians of the Galaxy archives.

So if you complete the game and want to fill your Galactic Compendium, read on to all locations of the Guardians of the Galaxy archives to find. This will help you to get the Lore Hoarder trophy and success.

Guardians Of The Galaxy archive sites

Here are all the archive places Guardians of the Galaxy, which we have found so far, divided into the chapters of the game.

Chapter 1 archive sites
Chapter 3 Archive Sites
Chapter 4 Archive Locations
Chapter 5 Archive Sites
Chapter 6 Archive Locations
Chapter 7 archive sites
Chapter 10 Archive Sites
Chapter 12 Archive Sites
Chapter 13 Archive Sites

Chapter 1 archive sites

Team Costumes

When you wake up in Milano, go to Rockets room to this archive hologram to find in his room.

Report on Nano resin incidents

Check out just after leaving the ship the box on the raised platform on the left in to the archive to find.

pride and fall

After you slide down the ship, you will see on your left another Nova Corps ship. Go under the broken door through to the archive can be found on the left side.

Message could not be sent

After your first fight encounter you climb a flight of stairs to a walkway above. Up here, in the corner opposite the door to go on, you will find the archive on the floor.


The last archive in this chapter is in the large circular room with all parasite nests. Go to the open circular platform, to find them in the middle of the floor.

Chapter 3 Archive Sites

Collateral damage

Once you have climbed the destroyed Nova Corps ship in the middle of the level, turn immediately to the left to the archive to find on the ship above.

Silly Game

After using the Eiselement freeze solid to the platforms, climb up and bring Gamora to slit the wires that block your path. Before you jump down, you look to the left, to the archives to find on the ground.

Chapter 4 Archive Locations

Unknown Ghilarion species

This archive is right next to the exit door in Lady Hell Benders safe. This is only accessible when the meeting ends with her with a fight.

Do not do it

When the meeting ends peacefully with Lady Hellbender, you can infiltrate their fortress again later. When you reach its main chamber, go right at the outer edge along the space to the archive on a wall to find.

concern for our fees

When the meeting ends peacefully with Lady Hellbender, you can infiltrate their fortress again later. When you reach your beast collection, look at Groot on a hay bale in the premises of the archives.

Chapter 5 Archive Sites

The Golden force

You can find it as soon as you reach the entrance to the ship. Here you have to bring Rocket to bring the current flow through each other, but before you do this, you go into the second room on the left side to the archive to find on the desk.

Note: Tightening Protocol

When you reach the room with the Nova Corps suit and the bench, you re looking at the control panel to the archives.

Chapter 6 Archive Locations

Egghead Review: Mant-Blows

While exploring Know Here, you can find this archive into the club were in the Groot and Rocket. It is up to the bar.


On the back of know Here you will find a staircase that leads to a path under a big building. This way you can find on a box the archive.

Chapter 7 archive sites


Once you have sealed the airlock, go through the next door to the archive on the floor halfway to find the corridor.

participation of Kadett Gold

Open the door right after the last archive to find the archive behind the gray destructible barrier at the end of the path. This is only accessible if you do not reveal that Nikki had a key card in Chapter 2 and she puts her in her back pocket.

So many thoughts

This archive is only accessible if you have Nikki s key card from chapter 2, which is available if you do not tell your mother that she has it. Nikki then puts it in your back pocket.

The archive is sitting in your room that can be opened with the key card.

urgent quarantine warning

After passing the ventilation openings, this archive is on the first box to the right of leaving.

Upcoming visit to the prosecutor

This archive is located at Kor-Rel and Nikki at the end of the level. It sits in Ko-Rels room beside your bed.

Cycle reminders

In the last room of the Levels you can see a series of computers. Go to the back, directly from the stairs on the left. It sits on the desk.

Golden showers

This is located on the right side of the room and sits on the table next to the last seating group.

Chapter 10 Archive locations

PIPS quips

After Rocket has blown up the obstacle on the way into the air and fighting the next enemies, go through a cave. Before you go through the narrow gap, the archive is on the floor.

Chapter 12 Archive locations

examine the hand

As soon as they have fought the large number of enemies on the white, concrete material, bring DRAX to lift the box on the platform to advance. You will then see a workbench. Go to the right of this workbench and use Groot to raise the platform on the floor. On the platform above you will find the archives.

Chapter 13 Archive locations

Not sent: big setback

After reaching the wreck and hit Ruby Thursday, you will find the archives on the ground along the path.

This covers the locations of the Guardians of the Galaxy archive. Further help finding the collectibles in the game can be found on our page with other tips about Guardians of the Galaxy.