1 FC Cologne Ellyes Skhiri is missing until further notice

Tunisia v Mauritania | FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 Qualifier | Match Highlights
Tunisia (Arabic تونس, DMG Tūnis; official Tunisian republic, Arabic الجمهورية التونسية, DMG al-ǧumhūriyya at-tūnissiyya) is a state in North Africa. He consists of 24 governors. Tunisia has just under 12 million inhabitants and counts with 71 inhabitants per km² to the less densely populated states.
Tunisia borders the Mediterranean (1,146 km of coastline) in the north and east, in the west of Algeria and in the south-east of Libya. His name is derived from the name of his capital Tunis. Tunisia is one of the Maghreb countries. The largest offshore island is Djerba (514 km²). The country is approximately twice as large with an area of ​​163,610 km² as Austria.

The land under the course of its history was the influence of several peoples. Originally it was populated by the Bars. Around 800 v. Chr. The Phoenicians founded first branches in the Tunisian coastal strip. The Romans integrated it into their province of Africa. Christianity prevailed as a result to arabization from the 7th century. A cultural heyday experienced the region in the 12th century. In the 16th century, the rule of the Ottoman Empire, which continued until the end of the 19th century, began when the country became French protectorate. His independence gained Tunisia in 1956. From 1956 to 2011, it was consistently authoritated by the Unity Party Neo Destour / RCD. In the course of the revolution, a Constitutional Assembly was elected, which passed a new constitution in 2014. Tunisia is viewed according to the democratic index published by the Economist magazine as the only democratic land in the Arab world.

An accurate diagnosis did not call the 1st FC Cologne, only wrote from a knee injury, which Ellyes Skhiri has attracted himself to the Tunisian national team in Mauritania. How long the 26-year-old is now, is not quite clear. Until further, the FC writes, Skhiri must definitely pause. The midfield engine is undoubtedly one of the best cologne this season and comes in seven Bundesliga games on a Ellyes s note of 2.75.