David Nemeth is the number six of the Mainz Triple Chain

Moussa Niakhaté first found himself on the bank. After recently ending a multi-week injury break, Svensson did not want to give his captain to his captain in an English week. For the French, David Nemeth defended this time, which was sorted as a right one-back. Stefan Bell moved to the center and Alexander Hack to the left.

The triple chain of the FSV plays almost no week with the same staff. First Niakhaté lacked because of a thigh injury, most recently, it caught Jeremiah St. Juste, who will fail after a shoulder surgery for the rest of the first round. In between, even outside defending Silvan Widmer Ran had to ran, because even hack was missing because of a corona infection.

Svensson exercises general criticism

The 20-year-old Austrian Nemeth came in the DFB cup game against Bielefeld to his first starting set. He is already the number six six in the triple chain of the 05s, holding out 120 minutes, offered a solid performance, even if for him as for his comrades, that they were phased in long balls not bombeled enough, like Svensson in his General criticism criticized. However, it was only one of many points and the FSV coach also took the staff of the other teams in the duty.

It was the expected game with a wild start. We had a huge chance directly, then we get a counterattack after a corner and have run behind the residue. Then we have done it well, despite the residue had some control in the game despite the residue, Analyzed defensive chief Bell. The key in the extension was then that our strikers have made the balls better. Overall, it was an entertaining and offensively run cup game, said the Routinian.

So we can not present ourselves partially.

Bo Svensson

For us, it was partly good for us with ball, against the ball less. It is important to work. Of course, we are very happy that we have arrived, but have to discuss some things. So we can not present ourselves in part, said Svensson who always deals very critically with the performance of his team and, despite the 3: 2 victory, had been eaten. The chance to make it better, comes pretty fast. Already on Saturday Mainz 05 guests in the Bundesliga at Arminia Bielefeld (15.30, live! At Niakhaté).