Glasner You re not driving Easy Cheesy from Bochum

When the Eintracht – measured at the score – last time so hard started in a season, satisfied Friedhelm Funkel on the coach bank. In the 2005/06 season, that was, at that time, the Hesse stood as a climber after the ninth match day with seven counters and 16th place even a bit worse. The fact that you have to go back so far is illustrated by the seriousness of the situation. So far, the responsible persons around coach Oliver Glasner and sports board Markus Krösche rejuvenated, however, they are still back to access the descent fight.

We all run the hair, even the players.

Oliver glassner

Rather, Glasner took his players on the press conference on Thursday striking in protection. He emphasized, for example: I am 100 percent that players give everything in every game. He was far away from making the professionals a reproach. The sound recently slightly different, is remembered only to the memorable press conference after the home defeat against Hertha BSC. Now Glasner explained: We all run the hair, also the players. The guys do not drive back Easy Cheesy from Bochum and have a great fun. He s the same. I put my hand in the fire that really good guys are who give everything for the success of Eintracht. That too should be a matter of course in the highly paid professional football, which does not require special emphasis.

The boys sometimes want too much

What exactly came out with his causes research with the team, Glasner did not want to reveal. That was a slightly longer meeting, and then remains inside, he said Lapidar. But he did an aspect. The boys sometimes want too much. Kristijan Jakic is on the left front, right back, goes into the header duel for the center-back, who suddenly wants to do everything. But his core task maybe a little far on the track, the coach remains. He spoke of confusion in the game, which is not a good sign, and stated, We forget our actual tasks. That s not really soothing inventory at the end of October.

It is obviously not brand new that we do something easier for stronger teams.

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Oliver glassner

Nevertheless, it is of course well possible that the team will fall slightly on Saturday (18.30, live! At Glasner) against Leipzig again easier to get to the performance limit. At home, the Hesse against RB are still unbeaten, the underdog role seems to be lying to them. It is obviously not brand new that we do something more easily against stronger teams, also finds Glasner, who promptly assures: The players do not underestimate the other opponents. It s more so that they are a bit too Make a lot of pressure. That may be, but also does not explain the bad battle balance explicitly criticized by Glasner in Bochum.