FIFA 22 Trading

You want to commit the best players InfiFa 22 Ultimate Team? Then you need really many coins. We ll tell you the easiest way to earn your neat coins in FUT.

Trading in FIFA 22 can be quite lucrative and bring heap coins. But most trading methods are quite expensive and it is necessary to know the transfer market exactly and to invest a lot of time.

We show you a simple trading trick, which you can use at any time and that guarantees you brings many coins.

So deserves your coins through silver card sniping

This is the trick: The silver card sniping is about buying the cheapest silver cards of a league and later offering them more expensive on the transfer market. This works so well because most of the fut players are not aware of the prices of silver cards and therefore offer them much too cheap on the transfer market.

So do you use this, you can quickly fill your FUT purse with coins. Although you are not the same for futillionaires, but can afford far better players.

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This is how the trading method works: For the silver card sniping you are looking for a league first, with whom you want to try it. Above all, the great leagues such as the Bundesliga, the Premier League, Serie A or the La League are suitable.

However, you can try it with smaller leagues like the Eredivisie or the 2nd English League. If you have decided for a league, you are in it:

It opens the transfer market, sets a filter with the desired league and selects silver cards.
Now you try to determine how expensive the cheapest silver maps of this league are. For this you use the maximum purchase price and is always lower until no results will be spit out more.
For example, if you find tickets on the transfer market for 600 coins, and no more cards are displayed for 550 coins, your destination – silver tickets for 550 coins or lower to buy.
You now enter the desired purchase price and tries to buy every silver card that appears.
For this you have to constantly use the search and best increase the bid price with the shoulder keys on the console to update the market offer.
Now you should emerge from and on silver cards that you have to be fast to get the surcharge.

Have you done everything right and bought a heap of cheap silver cards, it is now about offering them on the transfer market. Uses the price comparison and always offers the cards a little higher than you are currently worth value. Now you can relax, play a round FIFA and wait until the cards are sold. In the end, you should get rid of all cards with a profit.

Which trading method do you use in FIFA 22? We like to tell us in the comments!

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